Speaking & Writing.


For some reason, people keep asking me to write articles for them. It's like they think I know what I'm talking about!

  • The World of UX Anti-Patterns Webdesign Tuts+, May 2013

    As a user of the web, from time to time you may find certain things which are really annoying. Perhaps something about a login form, navigation, or a web application in general, makes it difficult for you to complete a given task. Why has someone designed and built something in this way?

  • Harnessing Social Media for Rapid Usability Testing Webdesign Tuts+, October 2012

    There are many ways of performing usability tests – all of which will get you feedback, allow you to make alterations and gradually iterate until you have a solution. But these methods often take time. Let’s look at an alternative process which will speed things up tenfold: leveraging social media.

  • Showcase of Creative Navigation Menus: Good and Bad Examples Smashing Magazine, April 2011

    Good navigation is the main cornerstone of an effective website. In practice, however, it’s often a tough challenge to come up with a meaningful, unambiguous way to organize, arrange, and display content to users; and it’s often not much easier to find a visually interesting solution either. The wide adaption of JavaScript libraries like jQuery is making it increasingly easy to add various kinds of sleek animations to navigation design. For instance, many recent promo websites are essentially single page websites with an array of animation effects used to make navigation a smoother and richer user experience.

  • How to Create a Modern Ribbon Banner Navigation Bar with Pure HTML/CSS3 Webdesign Tuts+, April 2011

    As CSS3 becomes more robust and is more widely supported, the options for fun modern design elements that can be created without graphics are virtually limitless! For a recent project, I decided to see if I could create a centered ribbon banner with pure CSS3. This tutorial will walk you through how it was done.

  • Designing Memorable Websites: Showcase of Creative Designs Smashing Magazine, November 2010

    One of the main goals of having a website, whether it be a portfolio website or a business website, is to declare your presence on the Web. There are thousands upon thousands of websites out there; it’s pretty well established that you are competing for your audience’s interest and attention. To this end, it’s important to make those few seconds count when making a first impression.

  • Showcase of Dark Designs- Shine and Be the Main Focus Pelfusion, October 2010
  • Showcase of Interesting Navigation Designs Smashing Magazine, September 2010

    Everyone is always looking for interesting and effective ways to organize their website and allow users to move about and find things. But there’s a fine line between unexpected and unusable. Three points to consider in any navigation scheme are consistency, user expectations and contextual clues.