About me.

On being a UX Spy.

Sarah Kahn

I'm a rogue librarian turned ux/ui developer. I went to grad school at the School of Information and Library Science at UNC-Chapel Hill, where I realized that people are more interesting than books.

I'm currently UX team lead at Deutsche Bank's Cary Technology Center, working on complex financial applications with teams around the world. I've done previous work for places like Adzerk, NC LIVE and Lulu.com. I also hack on Fogbeam Labs.

When people ask me what I do, I tell them I'm a spy. I spend time with my users to see how they use a product, and I report back to HQ with the information, and proposed solutions. Sounds like spying to me. As I always tell my students, lurking is an integral part of doing UX.

My Process

I've been designing and building web application interfaces since 2008. Over the years I've gained a variety of experience in interaction design, usability evaluation, qualitative and quantitative research, and assessing web ac cessibility. More importantly, I've become very good at sharing what I know with others. Nothing makes me happier than making someone's day easier by giving them tools that are simple and intuitive.

If you want to know how I work, you can check out my Intro to UX curriculum, created for Girl Develop It, and now taught in chapters around the country. I've also written a bit about my take on integrating Kanban and Lean UX. You can also see some of that in action on my Adzerk page.


Community is super important to me. I spend a lot of time teaching and mentoring others and am a co-leader of the Raleigh/Durham chapter of Girl Develop It. We're a national non-profit committed to empowering women to pursue careers in software. We offer low-cost, high quality classes, career development, and general networking and support. You can see our upcoming classes and events on our meetup page.

I've previously been involved with community-based organizations like Refresh the Triangle, AIGA, and organized the Teen Tech Camp with Julia Elman.


Some places you'll find me: